Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello everyone!
So things that have been happening this last week, I had been sick, but luckily some of the high powered medicine in Brazil saved the day! Not too much has been happening this week, sorry to not have much to talk about. Something rather interesting is our way of contacting. One day we stopped in a gas station and were eating when some people started talking to us, this continued over multiple times. We decided to test the theory of gas station contacts, as it turns out we have much better success meeting people in the gas station then we have contacting knocking doors! Who would have known? Haha let's all just hope this luck continues through the rest of the time! Hope you all are having a great time and write me an email or a letter! My address is below, the "Rua Das Ninfas 30" or my email in the top left corner!
Com amor,

Elder Fore"

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  1. This is the mailing address Christopher will have for the next 2 years. If you want to mail him any letters, it will cost $1.10 for letters or cards. As a missionary, he will love to get snail mail and hear all about his friends and family. If you have a few minutes, take a moment and email or snail mail him......and make his day brighter!! Thanks for your support!
    Elder Christopher Fore
    50070-050 BRAZIL