Monday, November 11, 2013

Arcoverde Brasil

Thank you all for being so very patient with me, as I have been working in my mission I have had little time to keep my blog up! So I will fill in what gaps I can and hopefully can keep it up as I go.

So I am in Arcoverde, a small desert town 5 hours west of Recife. I think of it as very similar to Nacho Libre. While I was in the Provo MTC I received my VISA and finished my last 3 weeks of training in São Paulo. My companion, Elder Sales, and I have had good success. We have had a baptism for the last two weeks and hopefully plenty more to come.

My diet consists of basically white rice and beans every day. EVERY DAY. So I have gotten used to that mostly. Diet Coke does not exist in Brasil which makes life very difficult in stressful situations.

My Portuguese is coming along great with just one issue, I can speak fluently enough people understand me without problem, but I cannot understand a single word people say to me. It is really bad because mid conversation I have no idea what is going on.

My house. So the house I live in now is one of the nicest of the mission, which scares me for what the others will look like. In our house lives me and Elder Sales and a ton of bugs which is great because they keep us company.

The key staples of life, namely Oreos, Cheetos, and Diet Coke don't exist in Brazil, so keep that in mind. Generally a day I walk easily over 10 miles in the scalding hot desert sun. The other day I had to walk 4 miles just to lunch and 4 miles back. Great, right?

The mission is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, but today marks 2 months of me being on a mission and let me tell you it is a life changing experience. with only 22 months lefts I feel as if the time is flying by. In my next post I will try to include more specifics and maybe something's about my area or pictures.

If you have sent me mail know that I only get mail once a month so it could take a bit to get to me, just be patient.

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