Saturday, August 3, 2013

Still Waiting on that Visa...

Well, here I am just a month out from my mission (well a month and a few days) and no sign of my visa. To my dismay, I recently did get a call from Church services saying that my papers expired and I needed to resubmit some of them. Since then I have been praying hard to get my visa. I've been reading other blogs from missionaries who are called to my mission, they are experiencing the same problems. I ask that you keep me in your prayers for my visa, that I will get it on time and do training in the São Paulo MTC. I know that if I have faith, The Lord will keep his promises. I just need your help as I call on and build my faith!

My farewell party and Sunday talk at coming up soon as well, all are welcome to attend both! More information will follow!

On a different note, today I watched The Best Two Years, a comedy movie about 4 missionaries serving in Holland. I am curious what kind of missionary I will be trained by... Will I train with an Elder Rogers, who lost sight of the reason he is serving all along, the Elder Van Pelt who is overly obsessed with girls and always is "brushing his hair, smiling, or even just looking at himself in the mirror, the Elder Johnson, the nice district leader who does his best to keep things working, or the Elder Calhoun, the greenie? Actually I will be the *greenie* Elder Calhoun haha! (If you haven't seen it, great movie)

I also watched The Other Side of Heaven, a serious movie about John H. Groberg's experience in the Tonga mission in the 50's. Whether you are Mormon or not, it is an incredibly moving film that will touch your heart. It is a good example of missionary work.

As always I am glad you took the time to check out my blog, and have a blessed day!


  1. Hi, You don't know me but my son is also serving a mission in Recife, Brazil. Sometimes I Google the mission to see what's new in that area and I come across blogs of missionaries that my son serves with. I hope you don't mind my commenting. I just thought I would say hello and wish you the best in Brazil. Also at the end of your blog you have a "package" address. Don't use that. I, along with other Recife missionary moms, have used that one and the packages never arrive. I recently sent a package to the letter address and it arrived in 3 1/2 weeks. We called the mission office in Salt Lake and they still give that one out. My son said he thinks that is the old mission home address. Save your parents some postage money and eliminate that address. :) Whoever lives there is getting some pretty great stuff! Best of luck on the mission (and the VISA)
    Rene Woodland
    Chehalis, WA

  2. Sorry I have taken so long to respond! I have been so busy in preparation, I haven't had much time to respond. Thank you for the heads up! That is good to know! Thank you so much for wishing me luck, just keep the people we are teaching in your prayers! And please send me an email so I can talk to you some more about your son and Brazil and his VISA!